The Monday Walks of Leipzig


The visualization shows the paths of people participating at the demostrations that took place in Leipzig in September, 1989. Those peaceful marches contributed to the German reunification.
Students from the University of Leipzig collected GPS information following up the streets people walked years before. Those location data made it possible to draw the tracks you can see here.

The 'Monday Walks' were shown at the conference 'Movement in Urban Space' at Leipzig University in June 2010. Please read more at the associated project weblog of plan b.


The screenshots show the visualization at various states. People, shown as colored dots, move to the center of the city. As people move together the line signatures of their movements become more and more visible. The screenshots are taken at different zoom levels.


The video shows how people rush from different parts of Leipzig to participate at the demonstration. It is clearly to see how they meet up and move together in the center of the city.


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Idea and implementation

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