Hemlock/Gridlock - Response to traffic data


Hemlock flowers appear at different parts of the screen. At some places they show up at frequent intervals elsewhere rarely. Julie Myers came up with the idea to visualize traffic data in an atypical way. Any time a flower appears a car reached a junction in Cambridge. Instead of showing roads, traffic lights, the cars themselves or fumes all the observer gets to see are Hemlock flowers. It is the viewers task to find out about the message. And so we want you to as well.
The traffic data has been collected from the junction at Parkside, Gonville Place, Mill Road and East Road, Cambridge, between 8.00 - 9.00 am, 13th Dec 2010.


The picture has been shown at Cambridge Conflab in 2011. It illustrates how the Hemlock flowers can be a substitution of the traffic data. All rights reserved to Julie Myers.

Hemlock/Gridlock. Visualization of traffic data.


The video shows how Hemlock flowers appear over time..


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The project was built with openFrameworks.

Idea and implementation

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